The Ancient Port of Alexandria Egypt

Port of Alexandria - Ancientvine

This is what I believe to be a fairly accurate reconstruction of the ancient Port of Alexandria, Egypt around the time of Cleopatra the last Pharoh of Egypt. She would have lived here. If you were to visit Alexandria 2000 years ago (like Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony did) it very well may have looked liked this. The reconstruction is based on the current evidence and research of underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio. From the left a a pennisula -the Royal Place district and adjoining docks. Just behind that to the right would have been the Royal quarter and the location of the Library of Alexandria. Moving to the right stood a great dock where ships entering the port would be obligated to surrender any scrolls or books to be copied and placed in the great Library. A small island just above the Lighthouse's first tower was the private residence and palace of Cleoptra called Antirrhodus. To the right is one of the seven ancient wonders, The Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as the Pharos of Alexandria, named after the island of Pharos (all the way on the right). Just to the right of the Lighthouse are the main warehouses and docks of the port. Connecting the Island of Pharos to the main land is a man-made bridge or causeway called the Heptastadion (look closely :) ). The city and port of Alexandria were to become one of the most important Cosmopolitan cities of the ancient world, second only to Rome. Today the landscape is much different with the port and much of the city destroyed by a tidal wave and earthquakes. Much of the ancient city is now underwater.

Roman Brireme used with permission from "Marcus".