House of the Vine - Virtual Roman Home

Salve! Welcome to my domus! Please feel free to roam around as there are many things to see. A Roman home typical of those found in Pompeii and Rome over 2000 years ago... This is the House of Decimus, also known as the House of the Vine.

As you enter my home you first arrive in the Atrium, a large room connecting to all other parts of the domus. Turn off to the left to enter one of many bedrooms called a Cubiculum. Notice the painted walls and mosaic floors. Again in the Atrium you find the Lararium, an alter to the Familiares The protective spirits of the household. The next room you enter is the Tablinum Directly behind the atrium. In this room the master of the house, the paterfamilias, would greet his many clients on their morning visits. The Tablinum served as an office or study for the head of the household. Just outside is the private garden and space that connects to all other parts of the domus, called the Peristylium. Off to the right is the Triclinium. The triclinium was the Roman dining room. Down the hall the kitchen, called the Culina. Next to the Culina is the service quarters or slave quarters. Here you shall find the slave quarters, and other utility rooms needed to run the Domus.

This video is a low resolution pre-production edition.